Volunteers Make Great Impact

Here are some ways you or your organization can help!

Guest Support

  • Organize a class to teach financial management, anger management, AA, NA, life skills classes, meditation, art, book club, discussion group, prayer group at the shelter.
  • Cards of encouragement are so very appreciated.  Anyone can reach out to make someone’s day brighter by offering a card, note or artwork.
  • Hold a Bible Study or Life Group at the shelter.

Organize an Underwear Campaign

  • Your church, office or organization can help out by collecting men’s briefs, socks, and tees for the shelter guests (all need to be new “in-package”).  Keep it fun and get some good old competition going, IT vs HR, Upper Class vs Freshmen bring it in for guys that only get one new pair of underware when they visit the shelter.

Support Fundraiser

  • Spaghetti Dinners,  Talent Nights, Flea Markets, Car Washes, Bake Sales, Golf Outtings are all great, fun, ways to raise funds for Lazarus Caucus.  Please contact us and we will be happy to support your group while raising funds for Lazarus.

Legislative Committee

    • Liaison with BCCH, representatives, lobbyists and organizations supporting issues relating to the needs of the homeless community.
    • Activities include: emails, letter writing, attendance at community events.
    • Watch-dog proposed legislation and give feedback to legislators and community.
    • Develop relationships with representatives, lobbyists and organizations supporting issues relating to the needs of the homeless community.

Birthday Bash

  • Organize a birthday party at the shelter for shelter guests.


  • Wanted!  Help to harvest!  Many grocery stores, bakeries and food chains are very willing to offer their day-old or end-of-night, goods to the shelter kitchen.  We need drivers who are able to travel to the locations, lift and carry the harvest and bring it to the designated drop-off location in Catonsville.

Food Committee

  • Prepare or purchase food for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Meal for 130 shelter guests.
  • Provide recipes suggestions for casserole pans and meal for large groups.
  • Communicate the needs for the shelter for pantry and staple items with your group and deliver the items.

Resource Center

  • Support for residents and transitioning residents
  • Financial literary support
  • Computer support
  • Conduct interviews in order to assist guests in obtaining birth certificates, from many States and Maryland State identification cards, driver’s licenses and driving records, Social Security replacements cards, etc. For those who are disabled and those needing transportation for appointments Lazarus provides monthly disability bus passes or bus tokens on a case-by-case basis.

Clothing Coordination Committee

  • Manage and maintain a list of clothing needs for guests

•   Arrange for donation drop-off and/or pick-ups

Fundraising Committee

  • Determine #/type of activities that will be held annually
  • Helps solicit funds from churches, schools, and resources
  • Coordination of self-driven campaigns i.e. online auction, donate online, invest in shelter outright donations i.e. Hillcrest invest program

Executive Leadership


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