News From the Resource Room

For July 2018:

398—Requests to see Lazarus

19—No Shows


11—Monthly Bus Passes

   1—Weekly Bus Pass

   1—Birth Certificate (Virginia)

15—New Guests

   3—Request for IDs

   1—Request for Driver’ License

   1—Request for School Tuition ($35.00)

   7—Regional Transit Request

   1—Charm Card Refill

   2—Disability Bus Pass replacement cards

   1—Partial Payment for a trip ($35.00)

Token report (over 1100)

1.)    Mr. R. aunders got $30.00 to help pay his ticket.  Part of his new job will be to drive laundry/uniforms to the rehab facility.

2.)    Mr. D. request for a NYC BC was sent off a 2nd time earlier this week.  The Post Office could find no record so they refunded the money. 

3.)    LCSW for the County notarized 2 documents.  One was a NYC BC request for Mr. J.  The other document was for Mr. S. to have his brother obtain his NJ BC.  Power of attorney was prepared by the erstwhile Mr. Croll. Many Thanks!!! To both.

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