How you can help

Lazarus Caucus Supporters

Men are moving out of the shelter in droves.  We are in need of basic cleaning and household goods donations.  We are having a hard time keeping up with the increased activity. If you have access to a truck to help in moving please contact:

Thank you for your hard work and kind hearts.

As the weather turns colder we are in need of gently used coats as well as hats, gloves, men’s boots and long underwear.  We thank you for this help.

Donations and Volunteer’s are always needed!

There are a few items that we are in greater need of for donation at this time:

-Commercial Toaster Oven

-Baseball Gloves and other sports equipment

-Plants for landscaping. We are in need of perennial plants for landscaping of the shelter to keep it looking beautiful.

-Gas cards for our vans. If you are not aware, Lazarus Caucus has vans that pick up the homeless men and bring them back to the shelter each and every day. Providing that service uses a lot of gas so we are looking for gas card donations to help set-off our fuel costs.

-Home furniture. Doing some spring cleaning and finding furniture you want to get rid of, donate it for the men that are transitioning out of the shelter into their own living spaces.

If you are looking to volunteer there is a wide array of things you can do to help. Two ways that you can help right now are:

-Going to the Ellicott City Starbucks to pick up food donations for the shelter.

-Giving a ride to one of our residents that needs to get to Meadowridge Cemetary to pay respects to his wife.


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