Community Support

Lazarus Caucus would like to thank our churches, schools and local organizations that initiate efforts that support the homeless.  These efforts not only provide vital help in the way of fundraising but help raise awareness of the needs of the underserved.

Community Support


Lazarus Caucus is pleased to announce, again this year a generous gift from the Catonsville Women’s Giving Circle.  We are so grateful for their support and understanding of the need to reach out to the homeless in our community.

A hearty “Thank You” to Anna Whiteman in championing the cause of the Lazarus Caucus, by means involving the Catholic Daughters of America in providing a generous donation.

We thank Salem Lutheran Church and Catonsville Presbyterian Church for their ongoing effort to help the homeless in our community.  Salem’s donation from their Marketplace proceeds and “Undie” Sunday Drive show how fun and support can mesh to do great things.  Catonsville Presbyterian has a big heart for our homeless community and supports Lazarus with donations, meals/food that provide connection with their church family and the men of the Westside shelter.  WE THANK YOU!!!

Feast or Famine‘:   Every Wednesday St. Mark is donating up to 300 lunches at one time…During Lent, Trinity School will be making 150+ lunches after school on Wednesdays!
…bags of good quality – XXL & XXXL everything.& SHOES & belts
Atwater’s Update: God bless Haley and her staff!  Daily donations!  Many thanks!

 Sam’s Bagels every Monday.  Thanks.

Lunches:  Orchestrated (really) and delivered 200 lunches made by over 50 young women at Mount de Sales on Valentines. PLUS 200 Valentine’s 💖💝treat bags for the gentlemen.

Lenten Contributions from Trinity School

The wonderful students of Trinity School, Howard County (kindergarten thru 8th grades) made peanut butter and jelly lunches every Wednesday during Lent.

The 8th grade is also collecting food and other items for Westside!




Socal Justice Sunday @ St Mark’s


On Sunday, March 14 Westside and Lazarus were featured at St Mark’s Catholic Church,  Social Justice Sunday! Spreading the Word and Spirit of giving… Several families/ groups signed up for more information about lunches and what they can do to provide support.

Sam’s Bagels


Big thank you to Sam’s Bagels in Catonsville for their weekly delicious donation.  Every Monday, 2015 LC Volunteer of the Year, Eileen Leaman, picks up a large carton of frozen bagels not sold over the weekend and delivers them to the shelter.




Undy Sunday 2016 @ Salem Lutheran – March 1, 2016


143 Pairs of Socks  – 56 Briefs – 67 T-Shirts

The Salem Lutheran Church mid-winter tradition of gathering new underwear and socks for the men of the Westside Shelter for Men was once again a success. The collection of the socks was led by the Sunday School children and was particularly impressive. Two massive tubs were packed and the overflow filled four more large bags. All was delivered to the Lazarus Caucus general meeting on the last day of February. The donated items will go to re-stock the clothing closet at Emmanuel Lutheran Church. From there they will be distributed to the men at the shelter where incoming guests all receive new underwear, socks and t-shirts. Many thanks to the good folks of Salem!

Bags of Hope – Jan 8, 2016


Many thanks to Donna, Nancy and the team at Saint John’s United Church of Christ in Catonsville for the Bags of Hope!  The bags were tenderly packed with toiletries, washcloths, socks and candy for each of the guests that celebrated Christmas at the shelter.  The donation was heartily received.  Thank you!!

Cookie Kindness – Jan 8, 2016

Kruger Cookies 12.19.15

A few weeks before Christmas, Jim and Leslie Kruger organized a cookie-bake for the residents of the Westside Men’s Shelter. Jim’s mother Kathy engaged her sisters, daughters, and grandchildren. Leslie, an employee at UMBC, engaged her co-workers. Together, the family was responsible for a large-scale delivery of cookies, socks, underwear, and personal hygiene items to the shelter. The men were delighted to see all those cookies – tiny, flavorful reminders of the spirit of Christmas!


Many thanks to everyone who purchased a Chick-fil-A chocolate chunk cookie on January 13th! Chick-fil-A donated $1 for every cookie purchased and $400 was raised for Lazarus Caucus.

Saint Alphonsus Parish Poor Box Donations

Many thanks to Saint Alphonsus for directing their Poor Box intentions during the month of February to Lazarus Caucus!!


 “Souper”-bowl  Sunday

Catonsville Presbyterian Church hosted a “Soup and Sandwich” even after services on February 2nd. Over $1,000 was raised to provide food for the West Side Shelter.

Food Gleaning Ministry

Many thanks to Trinity United Methodist Church who provides the space and manpower to store and distribute hundreds of pounds of short-dated and ready to use food and vegetables gleaned from area stores. These food items are sorted and then taken to the Westside Shelter.  Thank you Clair for picking up the food at all times of the night in all types of weather.  So many people are blessed by your service!

Easter Egg Hunt

Salem Lutheran Church is reaching out to the guests of the Westside Shelter during the Easter Season by providing Easter Eggs filled with treats.


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