Birthday Bash

Become a Birthday Bash Party Coordinator!

What is the Birthday Bash?

The Birthday Bash is a time to recognize and celebrate the lives of our shelter guests.  Many of the guests have never had a Birthday Party or a celebration in their honor and this event brings special significance and relevance to their lives.  It is a special night of joy and we welcome anyone in our adult community to join us. For questions please call: 410-707-3433

What is a Party Coordinator or Coordinating Group?

A Party Coordinator or Coordinating Group coordinates and runs the monthly party at a shelter. Parties are typically held on the first Thursday evening of each month, starting around 6:30 pm and last approximately an hour.  The  individual or group brings all the “trimmings” to host the party.

100 cupcakes, plates, cups and napkins, powdered drink to mix for a beverage, ice cream cups or sandwiches and approximately 10 birthday cards with a $5.00 McDonald’s give card in each one.

If you are interested in becoming a Party Coordinator, please email or call, 410-707-3433.

Upcoming Birthday Bashes 2017

January 5 – Salem Lutheran

February 2 –  Immanuel United Church of Christ

March 2 –  St. Peter’s

April 6 – St. Charles of Brazil

May 4 – St. Marks

June 1 – St. Alphonsus

July 6 – Carol Grempler

August 3 – Salem Lutheran

September 7 – St. Charles of Brazil

October 5 – Christian Temple

November 2 – Arbutus United Methodist Church

December 7 – Catonsville Presbyterian


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