Thank You for Supporting Lazarus Caucus

September 24, 2020


Today you did so much more than Golf.

Today you made a difference in a person’s life!

Your participation in our Golf Tournament

Provided a meal when a plate was empty;

Clothed a body when clothes were tattered;

Found a shelter when the sidewalk was cold.

Today…you definitely did so much more than golf.

Because today you renewed a Spirit and changed a life!

We thank you for participating in this event

and making that difference!                Bless you!



Del and Diane Riemer

MacNabb Funeral Home

The Hayden Team

Gramp’s Attic Books – Walter Jackson

Jay Ziegler

Mary and Gerald Rubin

David Neipert

Union Marine

Jim and Carolyn Troy

Newton Evans Research Co.

ColCon Inc.

Paul J. Grochmal

Woodlawn Council Knights of Columbus

John Roth

Robb and Norinne Browning

Kevin Boettcher

Mary Pat Roenbeck

Barbara Rescott

Gerald and Kathryn Whitmore

Bridget Gilroy


The Krenzke Family

The Wine Bin

The Breadery

Fireside Stone & Patio

  1. W. Treuth’s and Sons

State Fare


Pierce’s Cleaners


       On behalf of Lazarus Caucus and the guests of the West Side Shelter,

        we would like to express our deepest appreciation for your support

      especially during these challenging times. Your commitment to helping

        the under-served is appreciated by those who help them and, most

       importantly, by the men whose lives will be touched and transformed.